Good product. Received in time. Loved the gift!!! Thanks!

Cynthia W. / West Virginia

These are the finest, freshest nuts I have ever had. I would recommend this company to anyone, especially those who send gifts or corporate gifts – you will surely impress your clients for years to come.

Donna L. / California

I recently bought 25 lb. of the Grand Royale Mixed Nuts. Have to say, it was a really good, well mixed batch of fresh nuts. I’ll be buying again. Thanks, Nutsite!

Mark B / Missouri

Thank you, a million times for your help. I got my order placed today and it is a big relief. The quality of your macadamia nuts is second to none and our birds waste very little when we feed them yours! I don’t know how the birds know the difference, but they do. Thanks again.

Russ N / Colorado

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your well-run business. You are always efficient and the product is always excellent. I like the feature that may be new (or I may have just noticed) which allows you to reorder what you ordered last time without having to look up the items. Not that it is difficult, as your search capabilities are great, but I like the fact that I can go in and just do a couple of quick keystrokes and I’m done! Thank you for being a terrific vendor.

Brenda P / Massachusetts

Just ordered these for the first time and now that I have them, will be ordering again! The Mango Slices are awesome.

Patti G / Washington

I continue to trust Western Mixers / Nutsite as a reliable, high quality company. Your actions and customer service confirm my confidence. Thank you.

Terry K / Colorado

Hello – I just found your site a few months ago and I am so happy. I LOVE nuts in the shell and I have always just bought a TON of them at Thanksgiving and Christmas to have them around as long as possible…. THEN I found your site!!! Thanks so much for being out there. How wonderful to be able to get in shell nuts all year round. I enjoy your nuts and THANK YOU again.

Susan C / Montana