Trail Mix Assortments

Nut Lovers
For Nut Lovers we suggest our Roasted & Salted Trail Mix, or our Roasted, No Salt Trail. The Raw Trail or Cranberry Trail are perfect for those that like it more natural.  Chocolate Delite is loaded with nuts, but also a sprinkling of Chocolate.  The Take A Hike will get you to the end of any trail or task and our Get Up & Go mix is sure to get you moving with extra energy.

Fruit Lovers
Fruit Lovers may lean towards the All Fruit combination, go tropical with the California Tropical Trail, discover your wild side with our Rainforest blend, or stick to the beach with our Tropical Trail.  The Hollywood Trail is cool and trendy and the Heavenly Trail, well, the name says it all.  Our latest assortment was created with California in mind.  Golden State Trail Mix is loaded with California grown ingredients.  Crunchy Almonds, Thompson Seedless Raisins, Golden Raisins and fresh Walnuts.  Try some soon!

Sweet Lovers
Looking for a healthy trail but still have a sweet tooth?  Check out our red, white and blue, All American Trail, perfect for celebrating every day!  Kids favorite (adults too) is the Goody Goody mix.  You just can’t beat having those Chocolate Buttons in every bite.  Go back to your childhood when you snack on our PB & J mix.  One of our newest trails and quick becoming a favorite.  Yogurt Trail is one of the most popular and long standing best seller.  There is just something about the combination of flavors that is hard to resist. 

Crunch Lovers
Crunch lovers who also like a bit of spice may select our Hot ‘n Spicy, Oriental, Sweet & Salty Chili Trail or our Dark Chocolate Chili Trail.

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